KGK Synergize Clinic
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KGK Synergize’s clinical trial site is dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of area residents by encouraging them to participate in the research of novel compounds that may have important health benefits.

Located in the heart of downtown London, Ontario, KGK is one of the few clinical research organizations that offers both human clinical studies and laboratory services.  KGK’s Clinic offers excellent outpatient facilities with extended hours, when needed, to accommodate the needs of our trials and subjects.  Working with numerous pharmaceutical, biotechnology, dietary supplement, vitamin and food companies, KGK has conducted studies for a wide range of therapeutic areas including:

· Allergies                                                · Diabetes

· Asthma                                                 · Irritable Bowel Syndrome

· Bioavailability                                         · Menopause

· Blood Pressure                                        · Osteoarthritis of the Knee

· Cholesterol                                            · Stress

· Depression                                            · Weight Loss

KGK’s clinical trials are conducted under the direction of Dr. Dale Wilson, Medical Director and Principal Investigator. All studies are approved by an independent ethics review board (IRB) and follow Good Clinical Practices (GCP).





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