KGK Synergize


KGK Synergize has in-house laboratory facilities which accommodate approximately four thousand square feet of space within the London Health Science Centre (LHSC), located in London Ontario, Canada. The facility provides KGK with a wide range of capabilities, including pre-clinical in-vitro testing, as well as in-vivo testing in animal models conjoined with immaculate animal housing. The laboratory also houses KGK's newly purchased LC/MS and HPLC to expand analytical competency and potential. These resources are a foundation for reputable and unparalleled science to our current and prospective clientele.

KGK's clinic has recently expanded its space to include multiple exam rooms and a waiting area for long and short term human clinical trials. The clinic is well equipped to handle bioavailability studies and provides a comfortable environment for the wide array of clinical designs that KGK commences on an ongoing basis.

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