Board of Directors 

The Company’s Board of Directors is comprised of four members: Najla Guthrie, Anthony Almada, Frank Naus and Robert Torokvei.


Anthony Almada 

Anthony L. Almada has worked within the natural products industry since 1975. He performed his undergraduate training in physiology and nutritional biochemistry at UC Irvine and CSU Long Beach. He performed his graduate research at UC Berkeley in antioxidant and exercise biochemistry. In 1992 he co-founded EAS, the world’s largest sports nutrition company, acquired by Abbott Labs/Ross in 2004. At EAS he developed and implemented a strategic university research program that completed over 15 clinical studies in the first 3 years of the company’s history, and yielded 2 patents. He then co-founded a medical food company focused on the prevention of HIV-associated wasting. He has collaborated on over 90 university and private research center clinical trials, ranging from AIDS/HIV to weight loss.
He is the founder and CSO of IMAGINutrition, Inc., a think tank focusing upon intellectual properties, clinical research validation, and science-driven media campaigns in the dietary supplement, cosmeceutical, medical food, and conventional beverage and food sectors. He is a founding partner of LevInova, Inc., licensor of Zsweet™, a patent pending all natural, zero calorie, clinical research-validated zero glycemic bulk sweetener. He is the CEO of GENr8, Inc. a North American subsidiary of a spin-out from the University of Nottingham, which markets an evidence-based suite of performance nutrition
dietary supplements. He is studying for the patent bar.

Frank Naus

Mr. Frank Naus is currently the President of Quigley Naus Inc. (QNI) a consulting firm specializing in creating stronger organizations through business planning, strategy formulation and problem solving. Mr. Naus began his career at Astra Pharma Inc. (now AstraZeneca) where he gained experience in sales, clinical research and management. As part of a large and growing organization, Mr. Naus was able to participate in numerous initiatives aimed at improving the organization’s efficiencies. After almost 10 years, Mr. Naus joined a small contract research company as Director of Operations and over the next 10 years participated in a management buy-out, multiple corporate re-organizations, and the sale of the company – all while maintaining low staff turnover and building a solid and sustainable infrastructure.Mr. Naus holds a Master of Science degree from the University of Waterloo and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Wilfred Laurier. He has proven himself a capable manager with the experience and knowledge to identify and resolve complex organizational issues within a variety of corporate environments.

Robert Torokvei

Since 1992 Mr. Torokvei has been President and Chief Executive Officer of Scepter Corporation, a leading, plastics processor headquartered in Toronto, Canada.  The company produces industrial and consumer containers as well as materials handling products for global markets. It is privately held and Mr. Torokvei is a principal shareholder. In the past, Mr. Torokvei has served as a member of public company Boards of Directors, with significant experience participating on related audit and compensation sub-committees. In addition to KGK Synergize Inc., Mr. Torokvei is also currently a Director of Scepter Corporation, Boxsys Corporation, The Evald Torokvei Foundation, Scepter Holdings Inc., The Putting Edge, Oral Delivery Technologies LLC., KGK Synergize and Eco Block LLC; and is a former Director of Stuart Energy Systems Corporation, where he served on various board sub-committees for four years. Mr. Torokvei earned an under-graduate degree from the University of Miami in 1974.











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