Robert Guthrie, VP, Contract Research Services

Robert Guthrie became VP, Contract Research Services Division on February 1, 2005. Mr. Guthrie leads an outstanding management team. On the business side, he oversees the activities of the Marketing and Sales manager as well as Business Development consultants/advisors. On the scientific side, he manages a team of scientific professionals including, the Scientific Director/CRS Division, the Director of Clinical Research and a Medical Director. He is responsible for all of the Preclinical and clinical testing in that division.

Mr. Guthrie originally joined KGK in April 2003, as VP, Operations and was responsible for the coordination and management of both divisions ensuring that all projects remained on time and on budget. Since he joined KGK, he has been responsible for significant reductions in a variety of subcontract costs; and has been instrumental in obtaining and servicing our largest contracts. With over two decades of management experience in the retail, wholesale and service industries, Mr. Guthrie has brought an organized and disciplined approach to the senior management team. His knowledge of material outsourcing and manufacturing processes has been invaluable in assuring that the products developed in KGK's R&D program are of the best quality and commercially viable. In addition, Mr. Guthrie had also taken on the tasks of IT and Human Resources.                


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